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Avoid These 10 eCommerce Website Development Mistakes

Online shopping is booming these days in every part of the world. As a result, more and more businesses, including brick and mortar, are selling goods through eCommerce websites. However, only a handful can endure in the market while the remaining businesses are left behind. This is because those eCommerce companies often make certain errors on their websites. Ideally, a good eCommerce website design company in Singapore should avoid making these ten common mistakes.

1. Lack of functional elements

No customer would like to buy from a website that lacks features and feel dull. So, apart from incorporating basic layout, theme, and other content, you should add special features too. For example, including advanced search options, 360-degree product view, progress markers, etc., to make your website look and feel smooth and trustable.

2. Unclear brand proposition

A strong value proposition tells customers what sets you apart from competitors. Convey it in a way that appeals to your target market and convinces them of the benefits of purchasing your goods.

3. Lack of design consistency

A lack of consistency in your website’s visual elements, image quality, style, tone, etc., will reduce the quality and experience. From font styles to themes, good brand websites keep it simple and consistent throughout.

4. Not implementing SEO strategies.

There’s no point in having an eCommerce website if people can’t reach it. So, your website needs a solid SEO strategy to appear in the first few pages of the search results.

5. Not focusing on the website’s responsiveness.

A well-responsive website influences your marketing strategy, increases conversion rates, and engages potential consumers. Conversely, you will lose a lot of potential clients if your website offers a poor user experience and has an unresponsive design.

6. Low-quality product images

Product images are key elements of any online store. However, poor-quality photographs are detrimental to your e-commerce site. If the images’ look does not represent the products, they will not convince anyone to buy, negatively affecting sales. 

7. Not updating the website regularly

As time passes, many things change, including the way websites work. Thankfully, an expert eCommerce website design company in Singapore would keep an eye on the latest trends and update the website accordingly. Customers would never trust a website that appears outdated and tacky.

8. Creating only desktop design

We no longer live in a world where everyone relies on desktop computers. Today, tablets or mobile phones are used for the majority of transactions. Therefore, be sure to create a website that is mobile-optimized or device-neutral.

9. Not adding layers of security.

One of your top priorities should be to keep consumer data secure. Incorporating robust security protocols in your website safeguards ownership prevents cyber threats, and fosters a higher level of authenticity.

10. Missing Call-to-action

Call-To-Action appears to be fairly straightforward, yet they are incredibly powerful. Your CTAs must be aesthetically appealing, bold, and clear to inspire users to take action. 

Final Thoughts

New businesses should be aware of these significant errors with eCommerce websites. You can rest assured by hiring experts for eCommerce website design in SingaporeInteractive Accounts uses the right tools and experience, helping you achieve good looking and reputable e-commerce website.

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