Xero Cloud

At Interactive Account Pte. Ltd.

Why Us ?

The Silver Partners’ benefits and experience from Xero shows that in Interactive Accounts, we have a significant number for client base. Our client base includes many SMEs in Singapore across different industries. Therefore, we have the necessary standards of procedures in place for our prospective clients.

In Interactive Accounts, we aim to continuously grow our client base, using technology for better efficiency for our clients. As such, we will continuously seek good add-ons to Xero, bringing productivity to our clients, allow them to channel their time to focus on their core skills and sales generating activities.

With this Xero silver partner status, the staff members in Interactive Accounts are well certified to use the software. On top of that, staff members in Interactive accounts will have access to the latest and most updated educational resources in Xero. As such, in Interactive Accounts, staff members strive to continuously update ourselves with the latest functions and tools Xero has in order to help our clients attain more efficiency using technology.

Why you need Cloud Accounting ?

Secure Access


User Friendly

Cost Effective


Switch To Cloud

Mobile Access

Cloud Collaboration

Our Values

Interactive Accounts continued success - our ability to maintain long-term relationship with
clients and retain experienced staff - is a direct product of our core values.


Fulfilling Customers needs with quality services. We want satisfied and proud customers who can trust us and our partners.


The continuous development of a competent, agile and professional team. We are always ready to provide advice and guidance about accounting because we are good at it.


We and our partners are steadfast and have extensive experience. Customers can expect.