eCommerce Website Design Company in Singapore

Ecommerce Web Design Company Singapore

Get an Eye-Catching eCommerce Website Design with the help of Interactive Accounts

Are you ready to ride the wave of digital transformation? Does your business need an online store for a much-needed boost to the bottom line? If yes, then Interactive Accounts can help you out. From perfecting your website design to optimising the user experience, we can help you figure out everything about setting up eCommerce sites!

eCommerce Websites | The Future of Business

eCommerce platforms are the norm these days for every company, gone are the days where consumer loves brick and mortar stores. Online retail is the preferred solution these days as it is easy to find what they want and deliver to their place with a click of a button. They are the future of buying and selling all kinds of products and services. Today, few consumers visit physical stores for checking out things to buy. Instead, most people rely on search engines to identify, compare and select their favourite products. That is why most businesses today are pivoting to a digital model. To stand out, you too must pitch yourself as an online retailer to your customers! Setting up an eCommerce business offers multiple benefits, which are:

  • Reduction in operational costs
  • Access to a broad base of customers across borders
  • Delivering personalised customer service
  • Tracking consumer insights

With the help of the right agency in Singapore, you too can ace your e-commerce game!

eCommerce Website Design: The Secret Sauce of your Digital Marketing Strategy 

An eCommerce website design company in Singapore holds the keys to success for your online store! Executing an excellent digital marketing plan is all about winning over customers. A responsive web design, a superior shopping experience, and an efficient content management system are crucial components of a successful digital plan. An intuitive interface can help you grab the attention of potential buyers as they flit through the thousands of options available online! The attention span of today’s netizens is extremely limited. That is why creating intuitive and attractive digital solutions must be the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. A web development firm can be your best friend in navigating the complex route to rocking online retail!

The design of your eCommerce platform consists of several aspects.

  • Choosing and placing the perfect combination of colours, fonts, text, and illustration lie at the heart of this design process. In addition, the design and product display must be user-friendly and intuitive so a layman shopper can cruise through your site with zero challenges.
  • The site must have an encrypted payment gateway for validating transactions without compromising your customers’ privacy and data security.
  • The design must reflect your store’s brand image and leverage a variety of audio-visual stimuli to capture visitors’ interest.
  • The website content should inform and guide your buyers effectively so your site can rank on search engines’ results pages (SERP).

In addition to these basic components, an eCommerce development agency can offer you a suite of attractive features to help you stand out in the digital marketplace!

Services you can get from an ECommerce Website Design Company in Singapore 

Now you know why eCommerce website design in Singapore is crucial for rapid success. But what are services you can get if you sign up with a development agency? Let’s have a look:

  • Creation of an intuitive interface that is straightforward to use and seamless to navigate
  • Designing the display of products and services so customers can easily find what they need
  • Displaying products for up-selling and cross-selling of items to potential buyers
  • Optimising website design and content curation to enhance SEO results
  • Developing and testing a secure gateway for completing point-of-sale transactions
  • Tailor the commerce website to your existing business and brand values

These services are vital for driving reach and boosting sales through your online store. But to ensure the impeccable execution of these tasks, you need the best eCommerce website design company in Singapore! And that is where we, at Interactive Accounts, come into the picture!

Why Choose Interactive Accounts as your eCommerce Website Design Company? 

Interactive Accounts is the best choice for perfecting your eCommerce design because we have a track record of flawless execution. We have been working with SMEs since 2014, and our team has been delivering holistic business solutions for years. We have an experienced team for coding and creating complex web designs so businesses can meet their goals with ease. At Interactive Accounts, we believe in putting our clients at the heart of everything we do. That is why we design tailor-made eCommerce sites that can be updated and integrated with new developments whenever you want. We maximise your SEO reach and optimise the accessibility of your web design. Together, our team strives hard to deliver premium quality and seamless service with everything we do! Contact us today for streamlining your website for success.


#1 How long does it take to design an eCommerce website?

The timeline depends on your website features. Developers can design and launch standard websites in 1-2 weeks. However, custom-built eCommerce sites take at least 6-8 weeks for design and delivery. The timeline may expand if you add more functionalities.

#2 What is a “responsive web design”?

Responsive designs are layouts and platform designs that work well across multiple devices. For example, many consumers use smartphones to access websites. A responsive web design helps to offer seamless viewing across mobile and desktop browsers.

#3 Why do eCommerce websites need content management and SEO? 

A vital element of eCommerce website design in Singapore is creating suitable content and executing a clear SEO strategy. Relevant content that is attractive to users can help in search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO is the process wherein website pages can satisfy the algorithmic criteria of search engines to appear at attractive positions on the results pages. These aspects help in drawing traffic to a website.

#4 Can a website’s design be modified after it has been delivered and launched? 

Yes! Design changes are possible for your eCommerce sites. However, the modifications will add to overall costs. We will send you the artwork befo Hence, please check through the design and list down what you would like to edit before confirming.

#5 How much does it cost to create an eCommerce website design?

The cost is dependent on your unique business requirements. We create customised designs based on your branding, business goals, and design needs. Hence, we can finalise a cost only after assessing these aspects! We are a PSG approved vendor, you can get up to 80% grant on your website, please contact our consultant for a quote and to check if you are eligible.