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Accounting and Advisory Firms in Singapore

At Interactive Accounts, we are one of the best "Accounting and Advisory Firms In Singapore" that provides accounting service to individuals, organizations and other entities in Singapore. Singapore is located in the south of Peninsular Malaysia. It is a highly developed country in Southeast Asia and has one of the world’s strongest economies.

We are trusted advisors of the world’s leading organizations as "accounting firms in Singapore" providing services in the areas of Taxation, Audit, Corporate and Risk Advisory, and our focus is to improve your businesses. Our Accounting professionals, who can help you through digitization, transform your company into intelligent enterprises.


Our specialist will take charge of organizing and processing accounting records, perfecting reports, training, Accounting and Advisory Firms In Singapore solving backlog accounting problems. You don’t have to worry - our qualified specialist will take care of that for you and it will be done within no time!

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting and Bookkeeping are the core of our compliance services. We will prepare your annual financial statements as set out by ACRA. So that you don't need to worry about the changes in submission rules every time.

Corporate Secretarial

We are your trustworthy & qualified company secretary and filing agent registered with ACRA. The corporate secretarial services includes preparation of Annual General Meeting (AGM), file for AGM, and the submission of Annual Returns.

Corporate Tax

We can assist your company in preparing the income tax computations and any necessary schedules related, for submission to IRAS, whilst also corresponding with IRAS on behalf of the company in relation to the company’s income tax affairs.


We provide advisory services in many areas such as presentation of financial statements and effective management techniques for decision making

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How We Operate ?

At Interactive Accounts, you will be provided with a team of remote professionals. They understand your business,Accounting and Advisory Firms so they will take the initiative and help solve all your accounting needs. Do not worry about presenting reports, as we will present them in time!

Accounting and Advisory Firms

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At Interactive Accounts, we strive to provide each customer with affordable, value-added accounting and bookkeeping services.

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