Turn Dreadful End-Of-Month to a Cuppa Evening with Friends

“Manual Accountancy is something of the past, With Xero, my business efficiency has improve significantly. My Human resource colleagues will now go home on time even when its the end of the month. ”

 Jennifer, Business Owner

Interactive Accounts is always here to help businesses like Jennifer improve their workflow and finance. We simplify the complex business problems into use cases and implement them on XERO accounting.

The obvious benefit of this is a completely efficient and modern solution that includes the time-saving factor for the customer, combined with the reduction of the potential for error. The machine produces reference numbers and several versions of records, which essentially saves time for input details from various systems.

As Jennifer adds: “With one click of a mouse, our user produces accounting entries in three separate accounting systems which, from a paper point of view, will actually take 20 to 30 minutes to complete. With Xero, it’s just one click in 15 seconds, and we’ve built six different accounting entries in three different sets. The administration has improved absolutely in terms of performance, data entry and error.

“Xero does it all”, because the simplicity and the consistency of the system have taken the tension out of accounting. “I have written a cover letter and placed it in an envelope traditionally, and had typed an invoice. Now you can push a button and it’s all over to you 15 seconds later. It does not only boost performance, but also data integrity, which is obviously the most important thing in accounts.

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