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Conquer Cash Flow Chaos with Accounts Receivable Optimisation


Does the thought of cash flow management make you tremble? Are you constantly overwhelmed and frustrated due to the cash flow chaos? If yes, do not worry, you aren’t alone. Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) spend a lot of time tracking finances and chasing payments. However, owing to inefficient systems, they suffer consequences like missed billing and revenue drain. About 69 per cent of business owners have sleepless nights due to cash flow concerns. (

Are you in search of the ultimate solution? Get ready to bid goodbye to the cashflow nightmares and experience exceptional business growth! Partner with the accounts receivable (AR) specialists and opt for professional accounting and bookkeeping services in Singapore.

Common Challenges Businesses Face

To resolve the cash flow issues, having an idea of the root causes is vital. Take a look at the common challenges experienced by the SMEs.

  • Unclear payment terms
  • Ineffective billing practices
  • Poor communication with customers
  • Unmitigated customer risks
  • Suboptimal data management. 

Ways to Overcome Cash Flow Chaos and Improve Accounts Receivable

  • Invoice Promptly

Many businesses delay invoicing and later complain about outstanding receivables. The faster you will invoice your customers, the sooner you will get it cleared. It is that simple. That is why you must automate your invoicing process. You can even set up a system that lets you withdraw funds automatically by a particular date. As a result, eliminating the need to chase payments becomes easy.

  • Get Client Payment Details Upfront

Right from the proposal time, you can collect the payment details and get upfront deposits. It can lower the risks of non-payment or late payment.

  • Keep Track of Accounts Receivable

Every business must have an idea about the invoices and value in the accounts receivable. It is crucial for you to know who owes you and when is the due time. It can be time-consuming when done manually. Therefore, it is best to leverage the accounting systems. It can provide you with a list of up-to-date receivables. Also, it can remind you of past-due payments.

  • Establish Clear Payment Terms

Many customers delay clearing the invoices owing to the lack of clarity relating to payment terms. Therefore, in your engagement letter or proposal, you must include a section that clearly outlines the payment terms. Ensure there is no scope for any kind of ambiguity. From how the clients will be billed to when the payment will be due, specify all details.

  • Hire the Experts

Undoubtedly, partnering with the accounts receivable experts can resolve a majority of cash flow chaos. With years of relevant experience and expertise, they can greatly benefit your business and enable you to remain profitable.


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