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Company scaling too fast, but the system and staff are unable to catch up?

If the company is moving forward in a very fast way, employees will not be able to catch up and could lead to slow development of the company and may result in the damage of the company. This is also known as Premature Scaling. In order to help you avoid the adverse effects of too much growth, companies can hire some professionals in their respective fields and give training to the employees to help them improve their skills. There are many companies in the past that have faced failure due to fast paced work culture. For example, Zynga which is an American game developing company. For a while, it seemed like the game developers at Zynga were about to change the world. Founder and CEO Mark Pincus started the company with ample entrepreneurial experience but little experience in video gaming. At the time, free games were considered low-quality and not worth downloading, but Zynga games like Poker and Mafia Wars caught on and earned millions of downloads. By 2011, the company was so popular and flush with cash that it built its own data centers for $100 million. But the investment in new equipment and new games couldn’t make up for Zynga’s lack of innovation; by 2015, the company was initiating waves of layoffs and closed down its data centers in favor of more cost-efficient data service. Today, the company still exists but isn’t the gaming powerhouse it used to be. Therefore, here are some tips to keep your company afloat when you’re in over your head.

Make an annual timeline.

It’s vital to have a roadmap for where you want to go, how to get there, and when you want to arrive. By doing an annual plan, you will know how many clients you want to have by the end of the year. Your annual timeline should also include your goals for partners, employees, etc. 

Monitor your timeline.

Once you have a plan in place, you should implement some kind of system to keep track of your progress and how much time you spend on each client.

Remember, it’s more important to deliver on time.

When you have lots of clients, you have to prioritize. Your first step is to deliver high-quality work on time. So devise a plan for scaling in a smart, effective way. 

Know that communication is underrated but incredibly important.

Good communication solves almost any problem. As a leader, the ability to communicate with your employees and your partners will help address anyone’s feelings of being overwhelmed.

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