Company Incorporation Services

Singapore is regularly voted as one of the most business friendly cities in the world. In 2015, Singapore topped the World Bank Group’s annual ease of doing business measurement for the 10th year in a row.Contributing to Singapore’s high scores are it’s judicial efficiency, robust IP protection, no capital gains tax and having one of the lowest headline corporate tax rates coupled with generous corporate tax grants and incentives.

As of Jan 2016, Singapore has concluded 96 International Tax Agreements, including 79 DTAs and 9 limited treaties and 8 DTAs signed but not ratified. This makes Singapore one of the most Company Incorporation Service desirable location for businesses with an international outlook for company incorporation.

We provide comprehensive Singapore company incorporation services for both local and foreign entrepreneurs.

Singapore Private Limited Company Incorporation requirements

  • At least 1 Local Resident Director
  • At least 1 Shareholder
  • A Company Secretary
  • Minimum paid-up capital of S$1
  • A Singapore registered office address

Incorporation Process for Singapore Residents (i.e. Singapore citizens, Singapore PR or Singapore Employment Pass holders)

  1. Complete and Submit Singapore Company Incorporation Application Form.
  2. Prepare & submit all Documents
  3. Full payment of our fees
  4. Visit our office and incorporate your Company
  5. Open a account (on the same visit to our office)

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