Bookkeeping and Accounting Services in Singapore

Entering invoices, bank statements, receipts into Xero in preparation for Financial year end reports or for quarterly filing of GST

Interactive Accounts can help you when:

  • Business owners unsure of the latest IFRS accounting standards
  • Failure to classify expenses and purchase items resulting in irregularity in Gross Profit Margin

Accounting Services that benefits business owners by:

  • Time saving allow business owners to focus on other revenue generating activities
  • Financial reporting will allow business owners to view business performance and problematic areas of the business
  • Timely reporting means business owners can quickly take action when they see favourable or unfavourable trends

Our bookkeeping and accounting services in Singapore are essential for keeping track of a business’ income and expenditure. Having a well prepared financial statement will allow business owners to gain insights into their businesses, identify how well the business is doing, do strategic planning to improve and mostly importantly, to pay the correct amount of tax.

Essentially, bookkeeping is the day to day recording of invoices (sales, purchases, expenses etc). It is the first step to formulating financial reports. Unfortunately, the process is usually tedious and had to be done meticulously. Any errors in the process will result in the financial statement to present an untrue and unfair value of the business. Such examples includes the failure to classify expenses and purchase items will result in irregularity in gross profit margin.

In Interactive accounts, our book-keeping services will save business owners time from having to manually entering every single invoices one by one into Xero. As such, business owners can focus on revenue generating activities and strategic planning to bring in more profits and cash for their businesses. Business owners can also rest assured knowing that their invoices are entered correctly with our standard of procedures which consist of meticulous checks.

Our accounting services includes the preparation of Financial year end reports. These reports are key to presenting the business’ performance, sustainability and are useful for future strategic planning. In interactive accounts, we help ensure that the financial reports presented are in line with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) so that business owners will get a true and fair view of their business. As such, business owners can rest assured that their financial reports have credibility and are objective. Thus, this would allow for comparability between the business’ previous financial reports.

Our accounting services also includes filing for GST form 5 quarterly. This further exemplify the importance of having book-keeping done correctly. Should a business be GST registered, it is essential that invoices with GST and without GST are correctly recognised. Failing to do so will result in the overpayment or underpayment of GST.

As these financial services are a necessity in the eyes of the law, it is of upmost importance that the financial reports are done right. Failure to do so might result in late penalties and fines which are unnecessary expense for businesses.

In Interactive Accounts, we make it our business to help businesses grow. With the provision of a true and fair view of financial statements, we help business owners focus on and eradicate problematic areas in their business. As such, our book-keeping and accounting services are the very first and most important step to do so.

Our Values

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