Interactive Accounts can help you with

  • Corporate Advising

Making the right decisions and keeping up to date with current tax laws is critical for any business, especially for Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs), whom require the most assistance.
Don’t be caught out! Get the right advice from Interactive Accounts Pte Ltd that has your company’s interests at heart.

  • Business Plans

Developing a business plan is often a task that is not done thoroughly. Make sure your business is set to prosper with the right help by developing effective business plans.
Many business plans are too cumbersome and lengthy. They need to be clear, unambiguous and, above all, simple to understand.

  • Choosing a Business Structure

Choosing the most appropriate structure for your business is always challenging. Get the right advice before deciding which is best for your situation and/or circumstances.
Choosing the wrong business structure before starting a business or before buying a business is foolhardiness. Avoid expensive costs by researching what business structure best suits your personal and family circumstances. Corporate and tax laws are complex in nature, so talk to us about how this difficult decision can be made simple.
Budgets force you to consider how conditions may change and what steps need to be taken now to avoid financial disaster. Consider potential problems before they occur.

  • Business Valuations

A business valuation is used to determine a fair, objective price for any business or asset, based on the current condition of the item being valued in the present economic marketplace. The overall value can be influenced by conditions not under the control of the buyer or seller. Most of our clients use a valuation to determine the potential sale price of a company, set insurance levels, update or fund a buy/sell agreement, settle divorce or estate proceedings, for litigation purposes, or to buy out a partnership. The results of the valuation can be used for tax and estate planning, gifting, or to develop a plan to increase the value of the business.

Our Values

Interactive Accounts continued success - our ability to maintain long-term relationship with
clients and retain experienced staff - is a direct product of our core values.


Fulfilling Customers needs with quality services. We want satisfied and proud customers who can trust us and our partners.


The continuous development of a competent, agile and professional team. We are always ready to provide advice and guidance about accounting because we are good at it.


We and our partners are steadfast and have extensive experience. Customers can expect.